Los Angeles
Laika Live

We Built a Stop-Motion Wonderland for the Master Craftsmen of Animation

Laika Live: Comic-Con 2018

Setting out to deliver the ultimate interactive fan experience, Optimist transformed an abandoned bar in San Diego’s Gaslamp District into a fully functional stop-motion animation workshop. Staffed with actual animators and VFX pros, a spine of narrative workshops anchored the center of the space offering guests views of hot sets, puppet makers and upcoming projects. Immersive sets—both scaled and life-sized—focused on Laika’s past and future, allowing visitors to become characters in scenes from the film and share photos. The overall experience provided guests, from the uninitiated to the superfan, a fresh perspective on the holistic approach to making a Laika film.

"Laika shows us how they make stop-motion look so ridiculously perfect."



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"The entire space radiated a creative energy that held its own against the Comic-Con throngs."

— Animation World Network

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