Los Angeles
Yieldstreet at NY Armory Show

We Democratized Art Investment at America's Premiere Art Fair


At this year's Armory Show in NYC, Optimist and Yieldstreet partnered with New York-based artist Mike Perry to demonstrate what democratized art investment looks like. With an immense 39’x9’ art mural comprised of more than 600 smaller canvases, Perry created a tangible manifestation of how Yieldstreet is reinventing the traditional approach to art investment, which at the moment is only accessible to the top 1%. Optimist designed and produced a digitized art mural that was broken up into collectible tiles that were available for guests to take home, allowing attendees to own a piece of art, literally, without owning the whole piece. When tiles were removed, a black and white version of the work remained, offering guests a way to interact and create their own version of the massive piece.

"My favorite piece in the entire show!"

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