Google x KaDeWe: 100 Days of Pixel

We Merged Tech & Beauty to Launch Pixel 3 at Berlin’s Fashion Hub

Google x KaDeWe: 100 Days of Pixel

Optimist collaborated with Google and Vogue Germany to concept and design a retail pop-up space celebrating the launch of the Pixel 3 within Berlin’s iconic KaDeWe department store. Leading up to the grand opening, an exterior takeover came alive to tease and reveal a series of bespoke installations. The installations were curated by five select influencers, filtered through the lens of how tech intersects with their respective craft. To jump start the 100-day campaign, Optimist, Google and Vogue launched an opening weekend of fashion, lifestyle and tech programming and a celebratory dinner featuring a celebrity guest-list that included actress Palina Rojinski, fashion designer & model Alexa Chung and Vogue Editor in Chief Christine Arp.

1st ever Google window takeover at KaDeWe

5 million visitors averaging 2 sales per hour.


Retail Reach


Social Reach



"A new, young experience format has been developed here."

— Der Tagesspiegel

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