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What makes me an optimist?

My positive outlook going into every project large or small.

Helping others see the better versions of themselves.

Glass is always half full.

Prescience, commitment to excellence and pursuit of enjoyment.


I don't think that there's any real world problem with a single solution.

I'm still here.

I'm a pragmatic storyteller who is constantly inspired by my colleagues.

Ability to GSD when the S is hitting the fan.

Venturing to try new things without expectation of outcome.

Problem solving with a smile.

I’m unique on my own but become better with those around me.

Personal commitment to excellence.

My glass is never empty.

Choosing a creative direction and sticking with it.

I've been here forever.

1st person in the world to ride a cyr wheel on fire.

Exactly this.

My ability to look for the best in people and situations.

No idea or project is too big to take on.

Always pushing myself and my team to make it happen.

Outside of the box thinking.

Our team.

Loving to Get Shit Done! #GSD

Get sh*t done.

Hours of commuting everyday and still coming in with a positive attitude.

It just keeps working.

I'm not afraid to leave the house with 12% battery.

Seeing the greater good in everything.

I exude a positive mental attitude and fearlessness to try new things.

Always finding the silver lining.

My outlook on life.

Choosing to see the potential while acknowledging the present.


There is always a solution to every problem.

My glass of red wine is always half full, never half empty.

I'm always down to rally.

Analyzing scenarios and solving problems on a daily basis.

I like to 'yes and' in every situation.

My desire to seek out different perspectives.

Seeing the good in all things while working towards a greater good.

Flex PTO.

A creative approach to pragmatism; a humorous approach to serious business.

Impatience with what's been done before.

My attitude and my belief that everything will turn out all right.

I try to remember there might be a pony under the pile.

My solution-focused mentality.

Love the challenge to bring to life the unexpected.

It's never a "no", but more of a "what if...."

The best is yet to come.

Riding my bicycle past LA traffic.

No problems just solutions.

Approaching projects with excitement + knowing I'm part of a dedicated team.

My realistic point of view!

I'm pretty sure none of this real.

Trust in my family, my friends, my colleagues, my faith and myself.

Believe in karma and my confidence.

I work hard, and I play hard.

I always try to look for the good in people and believe the best outcome will happen.

Pursuit of great creativity against all (client) feedback.

Striving for the best in any situation.

My ability to change from extremely grumpy to extremely creative.

Constantly striving to redefine impossible.

2.5 years of employment + knowing anything can get done with the right team.

I get shit done.

Making whatever I'm involved in, personal or professional, better than I found it.

Always wearing black.

The constant desire to create with badass people that make me want to be better.

My horoscope told me so.

I'd rather be getting shit done + putting out fires instead of doing nothing at all.

Production schedules.

I don't hold back my strong opinions.

The OG brings me here every day.

I jumped into the deep end when I was 3 but didn't know how to swim. Nothing's changed.

Someone is bound to give me a treat.

Dreaming of a leash-free world.

Dreaming of a leash-free world.

Making white walls look better since 2017.

I generally think that people are good and want to make the world a better place.

The treats just keep coming.

Facing obstacles in a unique way.

Life is about perspective. I choose to see the good.

Always finding the silver lining.

I always round up.

Chance, Shadow and Sassy all made it home.

There are no problems, only challenges.

The people (and dogs) I surround myself with.

I always push forward.

Knowing that somehow it all works out.

Everything happens for a reason! So just trust the journey :)

If someone is doing what you want to do - why can't it be you?

Positive Mental Attitude

Continuously create goals to keep growing and learning.

Knowing we're all connected figuring this out together.

The treats just keep coming.

Every opportunity is a learning opportunity.

Hard work, commitment, and drive to always do better.

Stay curious.

I believe in better.

The smell of coffee in the morning.

My friends and family.

Hopefully the above :)


Always looking on the bright side

One person has the power to make a big impact in the world.

That there's life after the pound.

The freedom to roam desks asking for pets.

My perspective on life. And no doubt, #GSD.

Always spotting the playground.

What three words describe me?

Hustle, Techie, Reliable

Nerd, Eldritch, Monochrome

Optimistic, Strong, Adventurous

Curated. Dynamic. Inimitable.

ambitious, loyal, busy

Disciplined. Open. Proactive.

present. bold. unbothered.

witty innovative positive

Direct, Contradictory, Minimal

observant : chill : positive

Family. Expression. Exploration.

Curator + Creator + Playmaker

Persistent. Creative. Grumpy.

fearless, curious, determined

Curious. Compassionate. Delightfully dark.

Laid-back design guy

OG, Sneakerhead, LA diehard

plays on wheels

passionate, honest, optimistic

Sweet and Spicy

Passionate, Professional, Thoughtful

Driven, Hungry, Weird

Mysterious, Passionate, Artistic

Kind, grateful, happy

Ninety Degree Angles

Collaborator. Cultivator. Creator.

huglife not thuglife

Direct, Motivated, Persistent

Greek, short, self-starter

passionate about snacks


Intuitive. Idealistic. Nosy!

abstract, ideologist, reticent

Observant, Intuitive, Resilient-momma

kind-hearted, reserved, stylish

Dedicated, motivated, compassionate

Family, Humor, Sarcasm

Steadfast. Balanced. Curious.

The Original Optimist

logical intuitive

Resting bitch face :)

meticulous, assertive, engaging

Witty, Playful, Logical

Driven, Adaptive, Jackhammer

Curious, Sneakerhead, AZN

Curious, Creative, Focused

Joyful, Teambuilder, Musical

Tall Black Gyal

never stop learning

Creative, Gritty, Humorous

inquisitive, skeptical, introverted

calm, creative, caring

Agile, Committed, Collaborative

Curious. Driven. Structured.

Open-minded, curious, positive

I love dogs.

empathetic, fitness enthusiast, passionate

Honest, Driven, Teammate

Minimalist, Particular, Active

Creative, Social, Ambitious

Curious, hot-sauce-lover, informed

Perceptive, Loyal, Compassionate

Wears Cool Pants

Daddy / Intentional / Hungry

Ambitious, industrious, capable

Creative, Loyal, Badass

Positive, Cheeful and Adaptable

Fashion Victim, Good-hearted, Self-reflective

Literal, coffee-snob, feminist

Ambitious, Confident, Positive

Teflon, sporty, curious

storyteller, dot-connector, learner-teacher

Resourceful, Thoughtful, Imaginative

Chill, kind, goofy

Pun-master. Pizza-lover. Go-getter.

Tall, Fun, Skeptical

Humble. Hustler. Authentic.

authentic, real, fast

Life. Love. Regret.

Sensible. Loyal. Ardent.

curious, intuitive, chilllll

Compassionate, laid back, curious

Compassionate, ambitious, practical.

Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

rambunctious, assertive, vocal

energetic snaggle-toothed chug

loyal meilleur ami

I hide treats.

Social Butterfly, Lounger Extraordinaire, Professional Jokester

Passionate, Caring, Accepting

bold, encouraging, passionate

Steadfast. Balanced. Curious.

A. Wannabe. Nerd.

Super Great Glasses

Different, Creative, Collaborative

crafty. charming. fun

Helpful, Funny, Individual

Sophie's biggest fan

Positive vibes only

Diplomatic. Idealistic. Adventurous.

Hardworking, funny, calm

Ambitious, loyal, athletic

Empathetic, hard-working, creative

experienced lap warmer

inquisitive, lighthearted, hungry

Never not learning

Open, Spontaneous, Non-conformist

Happy. Passionate. Driven.

Enthusiastic. Driven. Nerdy.

Optimistic, Caring, Passionate

beer-loving, close-to-laughter, two-thumbs-up-kind-of-guy

Really really happy

Outgoing, passionate, positive

charismatic, entertaining, compassionate

Distinguished, Loyal, Perfect (my mom tells me so every night)


Ambitious. Curious. Hungry.

dedicated, supportive, generalist

What inspires me?

My daughter.

Great art, tales of cosmic horror and being out in the wilderness.

My community.

People, textures, experiences, emotions, history and beauty in unexpected places.

Good people doing good things.



Connecting the dots.

Myself and where I’ve been, who I’m becoming and where I'm heading!

Stories of perseverance.

Keeping my eyes open and my head up.

See my Pinterest board.

Yelp reviews over 4 stars.

Innovation, originality.

People I meet.

The youth.

Working with others and helping them grow.

New York City.

To be able to one day help the world.

Live music.

Paul Des Marais, Preston McFarland and good rom-coms.



Being a father to an amazing little boy!

Michelle Obama (and her arms).

The world.

Something new everyday.

Something new everyday.

A problem BEGGING to be solved. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Speaking my mind.

My family.

To finish this survey so I don't get another email from Preston ^_^

My amazing wife :)

Original thinking.

I'll always be inspired by my Mom. When there's not a way, she'll make one.


Being where I'm from and being where I am in life.


Political discussions, historical docs, working in nature, my little daughter and Coco Chanel.

Seeing my peers grow and succeed.


Wherever unlikely forces collide.

Things that take a long time to build or make.

Creative problem solving and positive teamwork.

Strong women, multiculturalism, good content.

Creative problem solving.

My son, my mother, my family and lastly, my fear of failing.

Nature, colors, beauty.

Nature, art and good design.

The success of passionate and committed individuals I've had the opportunity to guide, mentor and impact.



Exposure to other cultures and their approach to daily life.

Being out in the water windsurfing with my kids.

Good design, good vibes, good deeds.

Moving our bodies to push limits, to innovate and to create a vision of fulfillment to help others.

Magical unicorns of course.

Perfectionism. Discontent. The aesthetic realm.

My team.

Engaging with activists, artists, athletes and anyone who is able to break the internet.

Seeing the world.

Contemporary art, political podcasts, New York City.

Walking, flowers, that yellow plastic on Olfa scissors.

Tie game, 10 secs left.

Making cool things with smart, hardworking people.

New challenges, opportunities to learn new skills and the amazing people I get to work with.

Alan Watts, the Universe and my daughter Victoria.

Passion with ambition, coupled to dedication.

Tackling any issue or problem, no matter how challenging.

Working with great people!

Acknowledging the good in everything.

Appreciation for the everyday and gratitude towards everything that comes my way.

The power of human connection.

Success and love.

Visual arts. Interior design. Culture. Seeing people create their own path.

My friends and family. My friends ARE MY family.

Office dawgs.

Seeing works by talented artists and challenging myself to do something new.

Integrity and humility in leadership.

Experiences and explorations to new places, my incredible friends, the beauty of nature.

People who speak truth in love.

Living and working for something bigger than ourselves.

Memes, gifs and 4-day work weeks.

Teamwork that makes dreamwork.

Squirrels and cat food.

Endless fetch, long walks on the beach and a good rosé.

Hand-fed crudités.

Jacuzzis and naps on laps.

A spirited argument and explosive barking when people clap.

Popping into any meeting just to say hi!

Selfless acts, people being unapologetically themselves, music, artists of all kinds, nature.

My amazing wife :)

Corona commercials. But I’m supposed to say my kids, right?

Interesting points of view.

Everything that makes me jealous.

The people (and dogs) I surround myself with.

People who really don't follow or really even pay attention to the Norms.

The crazy world and people around me.

music, cats and yoga.

Seeing over 600 females in Forbes 30 under 30.

The people around me

My family, coaches and life itself

Inclusiveness, meditation, talks about higher consciousness

Sunday sleep-ins.

Female gamechangers and wavemakers

Working alongside some of the smartest, most innovative, creative people

My home. Not just a space but a collection of what I am, friends, good food + nice wine.

People + Places

Music and people helping each other out.

People who create.

Things I don't know and anything that's well crafted.

enthusiastic people, my friends, music

Traveling, going to the movies, my parents.

Loving humans and my mommy.

Sunbathing on the back patio.

Innovation. Experiences. Emotions. Nature. New cultures.


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